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Egypt 2011-16, India 2012-13, Western Balkans 2008-11 - photography


Quand le football offre un avenir aux enfants réfugiés
Reportage for Tdh's projects in Egypt
> Tdh magazine n'64 (Fr), June 2018 (pdf)


Kids of Sundarbans
Reportage for Tdh's projects in India
> Tdh magazine, June 2013 (pdf)
> Video

Dear Mr. President
Photography and video interviews of youths holding the first democratic elections in Egypt
> Booklet (pdf)
> Video interviews (mov)
> Exhibitions: Cairo Atelier (pdf) and Artbeat festival (pdf) 2012, Egypt
- Theatre Vidy-Lausanne, 2012
> Press reports: Ahram (pdf)Dar Al Hayat (pdf), The Majalla (pdf)
With the support of Pro Helvetia

Multimedia on Stage
> Workshop at Gezira Art Center (pdf), in Cairo on April 2012
> Workshop at Backstreet Festival (pdf), in Alexandria on Septembre 2012

With the support of Gezira Art Center and Pro Helvetia

Umm Kulthoum Digital, Endless Umm Kulthoum
Electro acoustique multimedia performance at El Hanager Arts Center, Cairo Opera House
> Pictures
> Video (mov)
> Press reports: Al Arabiya News (pdf), Ahram (pdf), Youm (pdf)
> Critical Writing Workshop (pdf)

With the support of El Hanager Arts Center, Oum Kalthoum Museum and Pro Helvetia

Mobile Art School

Visual arts workshops for children in poor minority ethnic communities led in Albania and Kosovo (2010-11)
> Pictures
> Exhibitions: Cairo Atelier, 2012 - Darb1718, Shakhabeet, Cairo 2012

With the support of ARSIS and Tdh

Le théâtre à perte de vue
Documentary film on the audio description in the aim to facilite the access to blind people to the theatre.
> Video

With the support of éésp and theater Vidy

Salle d'attente
Play about people living on the fringes of the society: alcoholics, drug, addicts, psychopaths, homeless and unemployed people. Inspired by "Catégorie 3.1"by Lars Norén
Art Director: Krystian Lupa
Video Producer: Jean-Luc Marchina
Video Assistants: Baptiste Milési, Marc Vaudroz
> Further information (pdf) > Press reports (pdf)
> Trailer (mov) > Interview of Krystian Lupa

Quel est votre rêve de théâtre?
From 2004 till 2011, a serie of video interviews of famous Art Directors and Actors about their new plays
> Video interviews

by "The Lost of Honour of KatharinaBlum" by Heinrich Böll
Writter: Jérôme Richer
Art Director: Anne Bisang
La Comédie de Genève
Video Producer: Jean-Luc Marchina
> Pictures

Nga Shqiperia ne Shqiperi
Një dokumentar mbi integrimin e fëmijëve të kthyer

From Albania to Albania
Documentary film on the integration of children in vulnerable situations in the aim to inform on child trafficking and other forms of abuses, violence, exploitation or neglect.

With the support of ARSIS and Tdh

Quartier lointain
by Jîro Taniguchi
Art Director: Dorian Rossel, Cie STT
Video Producer: Jean-Luc Marchina
Co-production: La Comédie de Genève


Screen Sisters
Concept and choregraphy: Fabienne Berger
Video Producers: Bastien Genoux and Jean-Luc Marchina
> Video

Face to Face
Multimedia Workshop for Stage Design at the Theatre le Tournesol, Beirut 2008.
> Press reports (pdf)

With the support of Zico House and Beyrouth Swiss Embassy

How delightful it would be to live in Cairo
Documentary Photography and short films on people working and living on the street in Cairo.
> Exhibitions: - CIC, Cairo 2008 - Theatre le Tournesol, Beirut 2008 - Centre de Culture ABC, 2008
> Further information (pdf)

With the support of Pro Helvetia

Panoramique intime
Inspired by "Cantiques de vous" by Stéphanie Katz
Art Director: Dorian Rossel, Cie STT
Video Producer: Jean-Luc Marchina

The stage is the urban space where the spectators can move around and view the actors on the laptops. Their movement will decide the interaction among actors. The promenades of the spectators build the pseudo-dialogues among actors.
> Demo (video)
> Further information (pdf)
"Tongs" (2003-04) is an interactive video installation which consists of a monitor displaying a video and flip-flops on the floor. The visitor is invited to wear the shoes embedded with sensors and move around the space. The participant’s movement will decide how the video is screened. Once the user stops walking, the video slows down until it stops completely. The walking speed becomes the video frame rate.
> Exhibitions: - ENSAD, Paris 2004 - Abstract "Les Urbaines", Lausanne 2005 - Paléo festival, Nyon 2005
> Demo (video)
> Further information (pdf)

El Markino
"El Markino" (2002) an unique concept of sharing new media on tactile screens; a visionary project of the future "iPad".
> Exhibitions: - CRAFT EPFL, Lausanne 2002 - ELAC, Lausanne 2002
> Further information (pdf)

Between Bucarest and Timisoara
"Between Bucarest and Timisoara" (2001), an art book in French based on an European project which the aim was to raise the social issues concerning economic problems in Romanian agriculture.
> Extract (pdf)

L’après Bosnie-Herzégovine
"L'après Bosnie-Herzégovine" (1998), an art book in Bosnian and in French based on documentary photography and a series of interviews of local people about the Bosnian war (1992-95).
> Artbook (pdf)
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